About the Harkives

Welcome to the Digital Harkives – an open-access digital archive of sources by and about the author, activist and traveller Margaret Harkness, pseud. ‘John Law’ (1854-1923).

The aim of the Harkives is to bring together material by and about Harkness in a single online repository. Archival material is crucial in the study of Harkness, but many key sources are scattered across different archives around the world, and can be difficult to trace and access. Thanks to the work of a number of dedicated researchers, more and more sources are being discovered, from previously unknown novels and stories to unexpected commentaries on her life and work. By collating the growing body of available material on this open-access blog, we hope to increase access to Harkness’s work to encourage interest in and scholarship on this unjustly obscure historical figure.

The Harkives are updated every other month with new material. The source of the material, including its current location, are indicated in the post, and a short introductory passage will help to situate the text both with regard to Harkness’s life and work and to a broader historical context. All materials available on the Harkives are indexed in the Harkive Bibliography.

We always welcome suggestions for materials to be included in the Harkives. Please do contact us with your ideas.