Proudly presenting the ‘Digital Harkive’

Following the relative lull after the ‘In Harkness’ London’ symposium, we are proud to announce that this blog will soon become the site of an exciting new project which we have dubbed the ‘Harkive’ (credit goes to Lisa Robertson for the name). Our aim is to collect on this blog a range of key sources by and about Harkness to create an open-access digital repository of source material which is currently spread across disparate locations and not always clearly catalogued or easily accessible. We hope that this will help to form a fuller picture of Harkness as a writer, activist and traveller, and we intend to include material ranging from the full documents behind regularly-quoted lines and references, to material that is still being discovered at this time – for which we are primarily indebted to the monumental work of Dr Terry Elkiss.

Beginning from Saturday 3 October, we will be uploading source materials on a monthly basis. New instalments of ‘The Monthly Harkness’ will be announced on Twitter.  In the run-up to this period, we will be laying the foundations with a number of primary sources from popular periodicals situating Harkness and her work in their historical context, including an interview following the publication of A Manchester Shirtmaker (1890).

We hope that the range of sources we intend to present will help to foster a broad interest in Harkness and her work.

If there are any texts you would like to see included in this project, please feel free to let us know.


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